Generate Article Short Description

Hello internet people, it’s been awhile since I shared something with you.

I came across an interesting usecase awhile ago and I think it’s worth sharing. Let’s say you are building a blog, and you need to display on the home page an excerpts foreach of the most recent articles (blog teaser). In a nutshell you have an article and you need an algorithm to generate a short description (excerpt) for it,

I can think of few approaches to tackle this problem:

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The Interesting Case Of Laravel Silent Crash

So I worked on this website at work, where users need to enter a card key they purchased in order to login. In the admin dashboard I needed to add a page where the admin can view each card in the system, and every user that had used each card.

The way I initially implemented this usecase is by paginating the Cards and eager loading¬†the users associated with each card. It was easy, simple and I managed to get all the data I need in one trip to the Database. It worked fine on my local machine. I can’t imagine a card being used by more than 20,50,100 users, so eager loading the users seemed to make sense…….

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Jawaker Cards Counter

So I get back from work looking forward to playing something relaxing. Why not some card games? So I log into Jawaker (a famous website the provides plenty of card games that you can play with your friends or random people). I pick a card game called Trix ( I won’t go into the details of the game as that’s out of the scope of this post, but just keep in mind it’s tremendously helpful if you can count cards).

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