Introducing Json Transqlify

Earlier this year I participated in a hackathon in the company where I work. The idea was to transfer data from a Mongodb to a MySQL db to fulfill some business requirements. I needed to apply some transformations on the JSONs and validation. Each record was to be decomposed and normalized into multiple tables.  I needed to Update or Insert a record depending on some conditions.

It became apparent to me that alot of the code I wrote could be abstracted into a library that handles most of the common logic flow. The idea kept brewing in the back of my mind until I recently realized it into a npm module I call Json-Transqlify (Json Transform Sqlify)

In this blog I hope to demonstrate some of the functionality I’ve already baked into Json-Transqlify and some of the other ideas I’m working on.

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Generate Article Short Description

Hello internet people, it’s been awhile since I shared something with you.

I came across an interesting usecase awhile ago and I think it’s worth sharing. Let’s say you are building a blog, and you need to display on the home page an excerpts foreach of the most recent articles (blog teaser). In a nutshell you have an article and you need an algorithm to generate a short description (excerpt) for it,

I can think of few approaches to tackle this problem:

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